Welcome to Duke Science Review

Issue 6 coming late summer 2019!

The Duke Science Review is a unique interdisciplinary platform for sharing scientific advancements at Duke with the greater university and Durham community. Our goal is to engage students across scientific and professional areas, bringing together many perspectives to enhance understanding and accessibility of new, exciting ideas being developed right here at Duke. Whether you have a unique scientific question to answer, would like to write about your own work, interview an admired faculty member, or simply open the floor for critical thought, there is a place for you in the Review!

Featured Articles

  • Strong as an Ox, With Research Chops Too: The Growing Powerhouse of Duke Orthopedics Research
    Lyra Olsen
  • She Sells Sea Shells: The Mathematics Behind Biological Pattern Formation
    Vivek Sriram
  • Identification and Importance of Intrinsic Barriers to Productive Team-Based Learning
    Adam D. Glener, David J. Carpenter, Colleen O. Grochowski, Deborah L. Engle

Issue 4

Spring 2016

Featured Articles

  • Zika: Crisis and Opportunity
    Anthony Hung, Karishma Popli, John Deng, and Shaq Junaid
  • The Changing Face of Psychiatric Medicine
    Matthew Lyes
  • Illuminating the Invisible: Optical Spectroscopy at Duke University and Beyond
    Julie Uchitel

Issue 3

Spring 2015

Featured Articles

  • A Close Look at the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System and an Interview with Dr. Paul Hahn of Duke University
    Gary Sulioti, Marcus Coleman, & John Bernabei
    A close look at the vision-restoring capabilities of the first FDA-approved retinal prosthesis, the Argus II, and its implementation at Duke University.

Issue 2

Spring 2014

Featured Articles

  • The Human Microbiome
    Emily Harris
    From obesity and metabolism to immunology and disease, new research is revealing that the bacterial inhabitants of the human microbiome have the potential to revolutionize science.
  • From Dataset to Bedside
    Vinayak Venkataraman
    Duke researchers are leveraging Big Data to transform medicine.
  • The Potential of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Medicine
    Jinzi Zhang
    A closer look at IPS stem cells, one of the most exciting breakthroughs of bioscience in the past two decades.

Issue 1

Spring 2013

Featured Articles

  • Moving Targets in Drug Discovery
    Marsha Hirschi
  • Exploring the Mind: The Intersection of Philosophy and Neuroscience
    Fred Shen
  • To What Extent Does Right Hemisphere Contribute to the Conventional Metaphor Comprehension in Native English Speakers?
    Quang Nguyen
  • Improvements of Cochlear Implants by Developments in Mathematical Modeling
    Jinzi Zhang
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Interview with Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Lefkowitz
    Anna Brown, Chris Fan, Anirudh Penumaka
  • The Explosive Advance of Genomics
    Ashley Gartin
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): Perceptions and Usage
    Michael Hochman
  • Exploring Sex Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Array of Factors, Theories and Uncertainties
    Manoj Kanagaraj