Issue 3

Featured Articles

  • A Close Look at the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System and an Interview with Dr. Paul Hahn of Duke University
    Gary Sulioti, Marcus Coleman, & John Bernabei
    A close look at the vision-restoring capabilities of the first FDA-approved retinal prosthesis, the Argus II, and its implementation at Duke University.


  • A Therapeutic Outlook on Physical Cues Guiding Tissue Formation
    Laurel Kaye
    A review of how advanced in tissue engineering for exciting alternatives to modern medical practices.
  • A Double-Edged Sword: The Benefits and Challenges Presented by Recent Advances in Preterm Neonatal Care
    Erik Bao
    Benefits and challenges of modern neonatal care.
  • The Consequences of Adolescent Pregnancy: Social Factors Impacting Educational Achievement
    Rebecca Passman
    Social factors impacting adolescent mothers' educational outcomes.
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases: Overlooked Epidemics
    Lindsey Snyder
    The burden, current setbacks, and possible solutions regarding neglected tropical diseases.
  • The Epignome: Bridging the Gap Between Early Life Influences and Adult Disease
    Lisa Guo
    Epigenetics may be the key to understanding how these factors play a role in determining health in life.
  • Disease Ecology and Irrigation: The Ecological Impact of Irrigation Projects in the Region of Sudan on the Transmission of Infectious Disease
    Joshua Grubbs
    Irrigation and water management are at the heart of development efforts, yet agencies often fail to consider the full range of health effects that result from manipulating the environment.
  • Same Old Heart, New Tricks: The Advent of Cardiovascular Gene Therapy
    Jonah Yousif
    Cardiovascular gene therapy explores the potential to revolutionize treatments for patients suffering from heart-related diseases.
  • The Importance of Universities in Ensuring Equitable Access to Medicines
    Mark Chee, Preet Patel, Karishma Popli, Anthony Hung, Erin Brown, & Rachel Milner
    How the lack of consumer access is defeating medical advances.
  • Global Effect of Tuberculosis Vaccination and the Recent Advances in the Understanding of Antibody Immune Response Mechanisms Against Mtb
    Ning Zhao
    The continuing global impact of M. tuberculosis and efforts to develop a vaccination.
  • A CRISPR Past and Present: Innovation in Human Genome Editing
    Lefko Charalambous
    Recent advances in gene editing have opened the door for unparalleled precision in engineering the genome, and application to personalized medicine is closer than ever.
  • Acknowledgments


-Combating the Threat of Antibiotic Resistance: The Pressing Need for New Solutions
Karishma Popli and Preet Patel
The world requires novel antibacterials to prevent a post-antibiotic future and our policies must facilitate their development.
-Autopathography and Online Community: Applying Biovalue to Understand the Lisa Adams Controversy
Kristen Larson
One woman's sharing of her battle with cancer via public online forums illustrates the importance of human connection in the electronic age.