Issue 5

Featured Articles

  • Strong as an Ox, With Research Chops Too: The Growing Powerhouse of Duke Orthopedics Research
    Lyra Olsen
  • She Sells Sea Shells: The Mathematics Behind Biological Pattern Formation
    Vivek Sriram
  • Identification and Importance of Intrinsic Barriers to Productive Team-Based Learning
    Adam D. Glener, David J. Carpenter, Colleen O. Grochowski, Deborah L. Engle


  • Review and Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Trees in the City of Durham
    Teilo Schaller, Josh Wheaton, Delaney Reilly, Laurel Pegorsch, Vaishakhi Mayya, Caroline Bales, Zhuying Xu, and Saurabh Barnwal
  • Biochemical Approaches to Understanding Tumors in the Archeological Record
    Azim Dharani and Ralph Lawton
  • Priority Review Vouchers: Redirecting Incentives in Pharmaceutical Research
    Jackie Xu, John Deng, Emily Horn, Anthony Hung, Saikiran Gudla
  • A Gut Feeling: How Changes in the Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiota Interact with and Affect the Pathophysiology of Autism and Related Symptoms and How Probiotics Can Aid in Treatment
    Raahina Malik
  • A Golden Light: Optically Modulated Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
    Julie Uchitel
  • High Cost US Drugs: A Tale of Unhealthy Markets
    Jackie Xu, Qiang Zhang, and David Wohlever Sánchez
  • MicroRNA and its Role in Platelet Function and Disease
    Kristian C. Becker and Deepak Voora