Issue 4

Featured Articles

  • Zika: Crisis and Opportunity
    Anthony Hung, Karishma Popli, John Deng, and Shaq Junaid
  • The Changing Face of Psychiatric Medicine
    Matthew Lyes
  • Illuminating the Invisible: Optical Spectroscopy at Duke University and Beyond
    Julie Uchitel


  • Progress for the Bottom Billion
    John Lu and Laura Ann Wang
  • A New Neuroscience: Connecting the Brain and Gastrointestinal Tract
    Megan Para
  • Collaborating to Find a Connection
    Arthika Chandramohan
  • Ocular Imaging of Alzheimer’s Disease
    James Tian, Kristen Rhodin, Sitharthan Sekar, and Stephen Wahlig
  • Harnessing Irrationality: The Promise of Behavioral Economics
    Lauren Groskaufmanis
  • Repairing the Building Blocks of Life: A Foray into the Life’s Work of Nobel Laureate Dr. Paul Modrich
    Anna Brown and Jennifer Jenks
  • Debugging the Gut: Applying Computational Analyses to Understand the Human Microbiome
    Vivek Sriram
  • Genetic Variants and Longevity
    Rebecca Chen
  • Organic Farming
    Jackson Xiu
  • Investing in Health Infrastructure Globally
    Hussain Lalani