Article Proposal

Priority Proposal Submission Deadline

December 2016 - TBA

Final Proposal Submission Deadline

January 2017 - TBA
Submit proposal indicating type of article and outline of planned article sections. Inclusion of preliminary references (5-7 sources) is strongly recommended.

Meeting the Editor

Early March 2017

Rough Draft

March 2017

Submit article rough draft to editor including figures.

Final Draft

April 2017

Final draft to include title, edited text, graphics with captions and citations, subheadings, a complete list of references in proper format, and a one-line biography about yourself.

Release of Issue 5

May 2017

A launch party will be hosted on the Duke University campus. All writers, faculty, sponsors, and editors are welcome to attend as the third issue of DSR is released to the public. Physical and electronic copies of the journal will be available immediately after the conclusion of the event.


Now accepting applications for Editor-in-Chief, Editor, and Layout Designer positions. If you are interested, please download the application below, and submit your application to


How to Submit

We generally accept abstracts for articles between August 1st and February 15th each year. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are encouraged to submit ideas, which may be done so through the Google form at the top of this page. If selected, writers will need to use the template at the bottom of this page for a full article submission. This final submission must be emailed to the Editorial Board at by the appropriate deadline.

Information on article proposal submissions will be posted in September 2018. If you are interested in being added to our mailing list, please email with the subject heading “DSR Writer 2017."
Please enter submissions on this Google doc.

General Information

We are all excited by the prospect of working with you on our upcoming issue and hope that you will decide to contribute to DSR. Feel free to address any questions and/or concerns you may have to DSR editorial board members at the

Articles should include a thorough overview of the current knowledge in the field as well as pose questions to be answered in the future. Writers may write several types of review articles for the printed journal:

  • Reports and Commentaries
    Reports and Commentaries are one to two page pieces that provide a unique angle on a narrow topic related to science (e.g. a recent discovery that is particularly important, a specific subfield in a scientific discipline, issues in a scientific debate, a discussion of a professor’s accomplishments). Topics related to work done at Duke are preferred but not required.

  • General Articles
    These articles present research in any field on any subject of interest to the writer. For ideas, we suggest scanning through recent issues of major scientific journals and publications.

  • Feature Articles
    This section is the heart of each issue, and the selected submissions are related to the theme for the issue. Articles are 3-4 page single-spaced reviews. While topics should be covered in scientific depth, the presentation must remain accessible to a general audience. Articles tend to be divided into 1-2 introductory paragraphs followed by 3-5 sections focusing on different aspects of the topic (the first section often gives background and the last gives an outlook on the future of the topic). Remember that your article should be written such that all readers regardless of their background can enjoy it; our magazine is not meant to be a technical review of the primary literature.

Style Guide

All drafts are to be submitted in Times New Roman, 12 pt font with 1 inch margins all sides. Line spacing should be single spaced. All figures must be submitted in high resolution images (png or jpg) as separate documents from the text. Pictures may be included in the draft for spacing purposes only. It is is strongly encouraged that a draft has one figure per page of text. No superscripts or subscripts are permitted in the text.

Please view the provided template for more precise guidelines and to see example of the formatting requirements.

Duke Science Review Submission Template

NOTE: Length requirements include text, figures, captions, and citations.